About Candice O’Denver

Candice O'Denver Profile PhotoDuring her time at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and California College of the Arts, Candice O’Denver studied critical theory in graduate school. Ever the radical and innovative thinker, Candice opted to implement a postgraduate level comparative analysis of all systems designed to define human nature (wisdom), as well as a standardized comprehensive map for defining human nature in contemporary terms, as opposed to completing a dissertation on critical theory. This ongoing project, titled “A Balanced View of Human Nature,” has taken off, and now consists of a large team of trainers and participants located across the globe with a wide variety of free media on its websites, including 24/7 live chat.

During the period of designing the comprehensive map for Balanced View, Candice O’Denver also completed an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) with a thesis in 2 volumes entitled “Metaspace,” wherein the basic intelligence (and wisdom) of existence is proposed as the illuminated artist and all phenomena shine forth as its dynamic energy or artistic, beneficial display. All phenomena inseparably shine forth as nature’s intelligence. Similarly, the sky and the color blue are inseparable.

This perspective is innate, and those who live from it rather than from a phenomena-driven life, live as an extraordinarily spontaneous and beneficial intelligence, which includes the body but is not body-based. Likewise, at the crucial juncture of the sun with the moon, moonlight shines forth. The phenomena that comprise a human cannot be found to have a nature independent of nature’s inexhaustibly opening intelligence. Each phenomenon shines forth indivisibly as all phenomena, simultaneously appearing and outshining their display as a vast, comprehensive pool of intelligence. Similarly, bright daylight outshines the stars visible at night.

With the Massive Vibe project, Candice O’Denver and a team of renowned vocalists and musicians deliver the direct transmission (subsuming intellect) of comprehensive intelligence via a completely new style of music—combining the off-beat and silence with radically innovative word combinations. This is the music you can not only hear, but see. This project theme is adapted to each culture of the world via artists from each of these cultures, specially focusing on large populations who do not speak English. After the introduction to direct transmission, Balanced View offers all people the opportunity to train up their beneficial potency with the proven support and empowerment platform of Balanced View.

In one of her recent public talks on the arts and music, Candice O’Denver explains:

“Through the universal language of direct transmission we become acutely aware of the importance of the words we use. We want that what we speak and what we write will spontaneously and effortlessly come out in a way that is beneficial to all. That is beneficial speech, wisdom speech. So especially for all of the people here who are writers, the words written must conform to distinct reality rather than trying to conform to conventional music reality. That is beneficial speech, wisdom speech.

The lyrics that we’re putting out there in the Massive Vibe project are very special lyrics and will reach the very core of people. We want these lyrics always to be very, very special direct communications of open intelligence. Nature’s vast, open intelligence speaking to everyone everywhere so that everyone everywhere is very simply, yet radically, developing a universal revolutionary language that has never existed before between beings of all kinds.

All lyrics—whatever they might be—must open up into this power of pure transmission. Completely open without any page left, without any music world whatsoever to relate to. Instead, it is the musical resonance and evocation of inexhaustible open intelligence. It is an invitation extended to everyone to decisively experience all the key points and pith instructions to grow completely assured in and empowered by inexhaustible open intelligence.” 

As Candice O’Denver has been involved with the Internet, computer science, and the philosophy of information for most of her life, the Internet-based infrastructure of Balanced View has been significant from its creation.

The Four Mainstays Unerring Algorithm : By Candice O’Denver

Very few of us have thought much about correct logic and reason; however, by the power of being involved with these three series of teachings, it will completely change the way you think, the way we all think about logic and reason. We will come into the purview of correct logic and reason and step away from incorrect logic and reason. We will just not operate that way anymore. The mode of going to the correct logic and reason is to first be introduced to open intelligence. That is the first step: an authentic introduction to open intelligence. That means that you’ve been introduced to open intelligence in such a way that it will not go away, even if you try to beat it with a stick. It’s not going to go away, and it will continue to grow more and more prominent in your life. You will notice that it’s available to you, that you somehow had a shift occur where you were focusing on data instead of acknowledging open intelligence, that somehow somewhere in your life you decided to do that. But once you decide to focus on open intelligence and to acknowledge that, it comes on quickly; it comes on rapidly. In every single person in this room I have seen enormous changes, enormous changes, and I see enormous changes yet to come. We have so much connection with each other. We have such a deep abiding connection with each other that we really do not need many words. When it really gets down to it and we are masters of open intelligence, we need very few words to get our point across. We enter the world of non-symbolic communication. The Four Mainstays provide us with a lifestyle to live the benefit of all. Without the Four Mainstays lifestyle, we have no reference point at all for where we’re going or what we want to do. We have no person to ask a question of who has gone before us. Each of the Four Mainstays, the practice of short moments, is an incredible gift to the world. The practice of short moments is not a thing that you teach somebody how to do. Each person has their own practice of short moments, whatever it is, and it is guaranteed within this practice of short moments, whatever it is, that it will deepen.

It will deepen, it will broaden; it will reach the point of inexhaustibility, where you will be absolutely certain that it is inexhaustible, that you have within yourself something you can count on forever. Forever. Not just now while you are living this life doing what you’re doing, but forever. So you begin to be able to really, using correct logic and reason, to pursue questions like what happens after death? To do that in a realistic way. The whole idea of what a human being is changes completely. The Four Mainstays provide a healthy family, a functional family in which you can grow this lifestyle of living as a healthy human being. In short moments, no matter how we do it, it provides immediate and great benefit to us. When it first happens, we think that it will never happen again. It is so good, it can’t possibly happen again, but then it does: it keeps recurring. We really get to see that it is the basis of who we are. It is what we are. Living, breathing, walking, sleeping, dreaming, whatever it is—it is what we are. The beneficial potencies—they are what we are. They are what we really are. We don’t need to train to be something. Whatever we’re supposed to be in terms of delivering benefit, it will show up through the Four Mainstays. Now, for some people in terms of the short moment practice, they just take a short moment of open intelligence. Other people will sit down and they will write out one sentence of the teaching, maybe five times a day or whatever it is to keep the acknowledgement going, to recall what the purpose is, to remind oneself that one is going to any lengths. It requires a change in conduct. Because we go from a very uptight conduct to organic conduct, to a completely organic conduct where we are just wild and free to be. We know what to say, we know what to do, we know what to know, and this just comes upon us whenever we need it. This is just the way life is. This is just the way life really is for human beings in the Era of Great Benefit. It is the Age of Human Empowerment. It is time for us to fly. Forget about standing up on two legs. We just did that for a while. Now we are soaring.

Candice O’Denver and Balanced View have created a safe, welcoming and empowering environment where members can discuss and learn of the power of Open Intelligence. Feel free to visit the Balanced View website to learn more.