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The Four Mainstays: A Powerful Lifestyle

Candice O’Denver is the founder of Balanced View; the Balanced View Training offers a vital new understanding of what it is to be optimally human. This allows for the greatest potential to be of benefit to all. This grassroots movement empowers people all over the world to see their strengths and talents and supports them to contribute these for the benefit of everyone. Enjoying more happiness and joy while tapping into their potential for living life in a very caring and beneficial way.

The Balanced view network includes

  1. A simple practice that can be relied upon each moment of everyday life
  2. Experienced trainers are available 24/7 through email and live chat
  3. Free media online and formal trainings in person, through tele-conference and online
  4. A worldwide community of people thriving with life satisfaction and passion for making powerful changes in the world that is of benefit to all.

This support network is known as the Four Mainstays