True Source of Satisfaction

By gaining confidence in open intelligence when you are young, you get over all this stuff of being seduced by something that cannot provide any satisfaction. Believe me, the things you might think are some kind of satisfaction, like intimate relationships, or having kids, or careers—these are not sources of satisfaction! These cannot bring you satisfaction. You can try to force yourself to believe that they are bringing you satisfaction, but now that you know about gaining confidence in aware pure intelligence, these will never bring you satisfaction. The only way you will be able to have satisfying relationships—whether they are career-wise, with your kids, or with your intimate partners—is to have all of that based on confidence in open intelligence. It’s the only way; otherwise, these relationships are really constant sources of turmoil and frustration.

Four Mainstays

This is a perfect opportunity to gain confidence in open intelligence rather than going for all these ideas of things that will always end up with a dead end. If rather than relying on all these expectations that others have of you or you have of yourself that are all related to conventional things, if you rely on the Four Mainstays instead, that will provide you real sustenance. That will provide you something you can always count on, no matter what kind of situation you are in.

Being of Benefit

The more familiar we are with our identity of aware pure open intelligence, the more we’re just entirely beneficial at all times without any need to try and do so. Our only interest is being of benefit. But again, it doesn’t require any effort; it’s just a natural heartfelt impulse that is irrepressible and forever free-flowing. And so, what do you want? Do you want that or the swampy bog of murkiness and conventional ways of looking at things? It’s as simple as that.


To look to what people think about us and rely on that for our well-being is just totally silly, whether it is the boss or anyone else. The boss can’t make us unhappy and the boss can’t make us happy either. But each job we are in we can make ourselves happy by maintaining open intelligence, by learning more about that and by growing more confident and certain in that. Then, we can also exceed all expectations of ourselves by relying on the power of open intelligence. Then in our job we will have the energy to exceed what is expected of us.

Data Are Whatever They Are

Open intelligence is always present, whether there is a breakdown of certain data, or not. We may have all kinds of data unpredictably occurring, but that is the way it is always going to be. No matter what your data are that are appearing in open intelligence, those data will just be whatever they are. That is the easiest way to look at it.

Enormous Potency

Stable open intelligence is clarity that is unlimited and unrestricted. It is the open state of mind that brings help, peace and prosperity to the world and its inhabitants. Since nothing can be substantiated as independently existent within this intelligence, it is a pure space that is entirely positive. Indivisible, unobstructed and lucid, it is an open expanse that cannot be fettered in any way. To identify this is to find the enormous potency of it within yourself.

Downfall of Data

When viewpoints predominate, one’s native identity is hidden from view. There is no understanding of the profound insight, perfect mental and emotional stability, compassion and skillful activities that are at one’s disposal for the benefit of all. There is no recognition that all phenomena or viewpoints are equal. And, there is confinement within the frames of reference of past, present and future.

Nature of Existance

All that’s required is familiarity with the nature of existence. You could call this the super-intelligence that is at the basis of everything and has power over all. It rules over all descriptive frameworks—those of money, self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, feeling loved or whatever they may be.

Mastery Over Thoughts And Emotions

Initially you see within yourself that you’re actually the master of your display of thoughts and emotions. This is how you first become familiar with this principle of very powerful open intelligence. It’s likely that most of your life you have felt at the whim of your thoughts and emotions to one degree or another. By gaining confidence in open intelligence, whereas you once thought you were at the whim of thoughts and emotions, you find that open intelligence has mastery over thoughts and emotions.

One Hundred Percent Commitment

After the introduction to open intelligence, it’s very important to make a one hundred percent commitment to open intelligence, if you really want to gain confidence in it. A one hundred percent commitment is a one hundred percent commitment. It says, “I choose open intelligence rather than data. I choose non-objectifiable and non-objectified open intelligence rather than conceptual descriptions of the world.” It says, “I choose to understand the nature of existence for myself, rather than relying on the multitude of descriptions about the nature of reality.”