Candice O’Denver – Open Intelligence’s Beneficial Potency

Please enjoy this transcription of Candice O’Denver’s Balanced View talk on open intelligence’s beneficial potency. You Candice’s talk here.

Everything and everyone, regardless of description, is the shining forth of beneficial potency. The distinction comes in whether that is recognized or not; that’s the only distinction. Many of us are trained from birth to not recognize; we’re trained in data reification. Usually we have a glimmer that something else might be the case, but we’re not really hearing that from anyone, and so we continue on because we like to belong with the common understanding, the ordinary and conventional understanding of what life is, what human life is.

No matter how much we have practiced data reification—the belief that data have an independent self-created nature of their own—no matter how much we have come to believe in that, no matter how much we have come to train in that through the Four Mainstays of data reification which are the introduction to the whole conceptual framework that data have an independent nature, we then practice that in short moments repeated many times. We have many trainers in data reification—the whole community of human beings. And then maybe we have some special trainers as well who have special ideas about data reification that we adopt. We read and write and listen to, hear and adopt all of these ideas through all kinds of training available to us.

One of the hottest these days would be cable news of whatever variety anyone may like, from extreme conservatism to flaming liberalism and everything in between. No matter how much and no matter how rigorously we’ve trained, and we can all see how rigorous that training is in our own experience, because it is the very essence of what we feel to be suffering, and no matter how much we have trained in suffering, we are always looking for the relief, but the result is always suffering. No matter how much relief any kind of reification may give us—the thrill of a wonderful philosophy or whatever it is—no matter how much of a rush we might get, it always ends in suffering. It goes away and we have no way to maintain what we know to be true in the instinctive recognition everyone recognizes from birth.

Once the introduction to open intelligence takes place, in a true transmission of what open intelligence is beyond conceptual frameworks, once that introduction takes place, then there is the confirmation, the nailing down, the sealing open of all reified ideas in open intelligence. And then moment-to moment we just go about acclimating to that, acclimating to the reality of what we are. Finally, what we are has been completely confirmed; that is what the introduction is, it is a complete confirmation of reality, a complete confirmation, the complete confirmation of our identity—primordially pure open intelligence. In that instant it is sealed open forever, beyond any kind of words we can use to describe it. From then on, any training is merely the continuing transmission of the complete confirmation.

Because we’ve been relying on data many times to give us some kind of intellectual understanding of what life is from the point of view of reification, it usually requires short moments, like I said, of acclimating, simply acclimating to the reality of what we are once it has actually been introduced in an authentic way. That means too that any teachings that occur—prior to, during and after that introduction—any teachings never veer in any way from the reality of that introduction. In other words there are no dualistic concepts that are interjected anywhere. All of what the training is, is unerringly completely confirming open intelligence’s primordial purity as the reality of all identity, of all data. Any kind of datum we might think of to verify our existence as a human being, if we think, “Oh my name is Sebastian,” or “Oh, my name is Mia,” or whatever it is, we rarely have any kind of thoughts like that where we are honing in on some kind of self-identity. It’s more an atmosphere, a condition, that is easily dispelled. So, the introduction dispels that, and then it’s a matter of adjusting to it. “Okay, this is my identity. I’m saluting, I’m acknowledging my actual identity: open intelligence’s primordial purity, inseparable from beneficial potency.

We’ve been corralling all of our qualities and activities of mind, speech and body around data reification. “I am so and so. I am Candice, this is my identity. I am a woman or a girl, and I am the daughter of so and so, and I live in such and such a place, and when I grow up I’m supposed to do this, that and the other thing, and when I’m a little girl I’m meant to do such and such.” Well, that never worked for me, because I was always being scolded for having ideas that veered completely from the norm. That continues to be the case, except the scolding is increasingly public! I’ve had a lot of experience with being scolded.

In terms of potency, once the introduction takes place then potency is obvious immediately. Immediate benefit takes place in the introduction, and so we no longer have to look for benefit. This is very important to recognize. Immediate benefit takes place in the introduction, and so we have a direct realization of beneficial potency in that moment. We have a direct realization of open intelligence’s beneficial potency in that moment, and we never veer from that from then on. We can never forget the introduction to open intelligence. Say, we are introduced to open intelligence and then we decide that we’re not going to practice or we’re not even going to acknowledge that we had the introduction. Still it will linger; it will be working, and at the moment of death we will remember the introduction to open intelligence; we won’t be able to avoid it. This is how powerful the introduction is, the true introduction.

As we acknowledge open intelligence, inseparable from its beneficial potency, this pervades. Without any possibility of veering from the pervasion, it pervades everything we think of as mind, speech, body, qualities and activities. We’ve probably become accustomed to thinking our mind, speech, body and qualities and activities are within the skin-line; however, the more we acknowledge open intelligence as our mind, the vastness of mind becomes incredibly clear. Just like the vast sky is clear and our mind is no longer locked inside the skin-line. Its vastness is obvious; from that our speech is informed. No longer are we locked inside the skin-suit. We see that the power of our mind is vast. That informs our speaking our thinking our writing, all forms of expression, and so the beneficial potency shines forth as mind and as speech.