Get to Know Open Intelligence

When you stop thinking, identify the alert, clear state that is naturally present when you stop thinking. Just that clear state—alert, cognizant, aware, clear, always present, regardless of the data streams. The data streams in fact are the dynamic energy of opening intelligence, so there’s nothing to do. Identify it, directly and fiercely. Get to know it; it is your very self. When you get to know it, you get to know your very self. Be direct and fierce, don’t hold back, don’t be timid, go right ahead, full force. Repeat not thinking again and again until the alert clear state is obvious to you immediately upon stopping thinking.

Inexhaustible open intelligence

What a marvel this is to live in the vast inexhaustible world of open intelligence’s great benefit. It is a reality of total gratitude, and it is vast and inexhaustible so we can just relax, totally relax as open intelligence’s great benefit. 

Candice O’Denver – The Resolution of Data in Open Intelligence

The more powerful open-intelligence commitment is in your life, the less data are noticed, until finally there are just a few data that might be the subject of attention now and then. Finally, though, even those data are outshone beyond notice, and instead there is profound and pervasive open intelligence as well as a comprehensive overview into the nature of existence.