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Although Candice O’Denver works on a global scale, she currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. And while Candice can usually be found in California, her grassroots movement, Balanced View, can be found all over the world! Balanced View currently has four locations in total, three physical and one virtual. The Balanced View headquarters is located in Northern California. This site functions as the main center of operations for the organization as well as a full-time residence, occasionally offering public gatherings and training sessions.

The second center is located in Emmaljunga, Sweden and was founded in 2007. It functions as the organization’s main residential training center. With four acres of land, a kitchen and dining hall, living quarters for approximately 100 people, a gym, recreational room, sauna and much more, the Sweden center is certainly one of Balanced View’s most popular destinations. The third location can be found in Goa, India. Established in 2010, it is by far the newest center that Balanced View offers. The center only operates from December to March, but in that short amount of time, a great deal of work is done. The center offers gorgeous views of India’s landscape and is located just minutes away from the beach. With five training spaces and an outdoor area that can accommodate up to 200 members, the Goa center is certainly an effective space.

Finally, Balanced View’s most unique space can be accessed virtually anywhere. Located within the popular online game, Second Life, members have a quiet, safe and easily-accessible environment where they are free to meet up and experience the benefits of Open Intelligence.

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