Introduction to Open Intelligence

This first burst, the introduction to opening intelligence, is really something quite marvelous. Then again this too occurs for different people in different ways. For some people it is absolutely marvelous; a great relief is felt at once, and for others it’s, “Well what’s the big deal anyway?” and it may take more experience, more decisive experience of opening intelligence to really comprehend its tremendous impact on one’s life. Because its tremendous impact on one’s life, is inexplicable; that means it can’t be explained, it just can’t be explained. It is so amazing and so full of life and so full of richness that it cannot possibly be explained. There are no words to gather up to explain it. It is most simply referred to as a decisive experience, an instinctive realization, something we just know, we know. We just know. We don’t really need a lot of words to explain it; we just know.