Like the Sky and the Color Blue

If we stop for a moment without any thoughts: here it is—right here. Not difficult to identify, just unused, that’s all. Open intelligence and the data it runs, in other words all the thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences, all the data it runs are inseparable, because they have no nature independent from open intelligence.

The more we allow data to be as they are, the more we realize that open intelligence and data are inseparable, like the sky and the color blue—completely inseparable. The more we allow the data to be as it is, just allowing the data to be as it is, exactly as it is, with no need to do anything about it, the more we see that all of these things that have been so troublesome and problematic are resolved, they’re outshone, just like the noonday sun outshines all the planets and stars that are so evident at night.