Data Are Whatever They Are

Open intelligence is always present, whether there is a breakdown of certain data, or not. We may have all kinds of data unpredictably occurring, but that is the way it is always going to be. No matter what your data are that are appearing in open intelligence, those data will just be whatever they are. That is the easiest way to look at it.

Enormous Potency

Stable open intelligence is clarity that is unlimited and unrestricted. It is the open state of mind that brings help, peace and prosperity to the world and its inhabitants. Since nothing can be substantiated as independently existent within this intelligence, it is a pure space that is entirely positive. Indivisible, unobstructed and lucid, it is an open expanse that cannot be fettered in any way. To identify this is to find the enormous potency of it within yourself.

Downfall of Data

When viewpoints predominate, one’s native identity is hidden from view. There is no understanding of the profound insight, perfect mental and emotional stability, compassion and skillful activities that are at one’s disposal for the benefit of all. There is no recognition that all phenomena or viewpoints are equal. And, there is confinement within the frames of reference of past, present and future.

Nature of Existance

All that’s required is familiarity with the nature of existence. You could call this the super-intelligence that is at the basis of everything and has power over all. It rules over all descriptive frameworks—those of money, self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, feeling loved or whatever they may be.

One Hundred Percent Commitment

After the introduction to open intelligence, it’s very important to make a one hundred percent commitment to open intelligence, if you really want to gain confidence in it. A one hundred percent commitment is a one hundred percent commitment. It says, “I choose open intelligence rather than data. I choose non-objectifiable and non-objectified open intelligence rather than conceptual descriptions of the world.” It says, “I choose to understand the nature of existence for myself, rather than relying on the multitude of descriptions about the nature of reality.”

Sun of Open Intelligence

Just allow yourself to be that great light, that great sun of open intelligence that isn’t a thing, that knows everything, that shines through everything, that outshines everything, wherein everything, no matter what it is, has no importance in a specified way.

The Simple Choice

You don’t even have to worry about data not having an independent nature. Just know that you have a choice when a data comes up: it’s either to remain as open intelligence and just let the datum free itself, or to get into the datum as though it really is something that’s independently generated and is somehow going to give you some juice about something and that it’s going to tell you something very important you need to know about what you are going to do next.

Data are Insubstantial

Data do not have an independent nature. In other words, there is datum that appears within your vast identity of open intelligence that has independent substantiality, independent identity or independent origin. Nothing is independently self-generated. There is no single datum whatsoever that generates itself in any way. What does that mean? It means that any datum that appears has no power: it has no force of its own. It is identity-less and insubstantial. It’s never been a thing in itself. It’s an expression of the unborn clear light of open intelligence and nothing else

No Solid Identity

The whole data of comparing yourself to someone else in terms of open intelligence or anything else, that’s also exceedingly painful. So just stop. Just stop. You are yourself. You have your own data; you don’t have someone else’s data. You have your data, whatever they are. They are circumstantially appearing in open intelligence; that’s what you are: the circumstantial appearance of data in open intelligence. There isn’t any solid identity called “you” that is a storehouse for data. There isn’t anything like that. Open intelligence contains all data. There isn’t any individual storehouse or hard drive for data.

The Most Important Choice

It really is a choice. It’s definitely a choice, so make no mistake about that. You can choose open intelligence or not. To rest or not to rest, that is the question! It really is. The more you take advantage of short moments of open intelligence, the more open intelligence there is. It’s just as simple as that. Then even though these afflictive states return for a while, over time they diminish.