Liveliness of Opening Intelligence

However datum is labeled, whatever its name, it is the liveliness of commanding opening intelligence. Transparent and traceless, it is pure of anything of a different kind. All of this, all of this we see—pure light, multicolored hues of basic pure light, pure clear light, the light beyond light, the light that burns off all traces of anything that could be considered of no value. The absolute truth value of everything. That is the nature of opening intelligence. A major key point is that opening intelligence has always been shining forth; it just was not recognized.

Strengths, Gifts and Talents

Each one of us has certain strengths, gifts and talents, and for each of us these manifest simply in terms of what we like to do. What do we really like to do? Then it is a matter of showing up fully for those strengths, gifts and talents, which are the shining forth, the giving forth, of open intelligence into this realm of existence. It’s really important to choose which strengths to concentrate on. Otherwise, there could be all kinds of interests everywhere with just a little bit of beneficial potency coming into each one, like drilling many different wells rather than just drilling one well in order to get to a powerful source of water. One asks, “What is it in my strengths, gifts and talents that will be of most benefit to all?”

Immediate Benefit

No matter what is going on, this immediate benefit which is very, very great, very, very fortunate, very, very powerful is already present. If we don’t know what to say, if we don’t know what to do, if we don’t know what our next action will be, we can rely on that immediate benefit to inform it. Even if we need to take a few moments to decide what to say or how to act, that’s perfectly okay. What’s most important is that it come from the great benefit of opening intelligence.

Our Ability to Benefit

Some of us are young and making decisions about career choices, and some of us are older, so we already have a sense of what our career choice is. Even though I have a notion of what my career choice is, I’m completely open to what that looks like. No matter what our career choice is, whether it’s providing food for people or shelter for people or clothing for people or healthcare, education or whatever it is—our ability to benefit beings is always intensely expansive. Whatever career we’re in, we really need to settle into our own place of open intelligence and see how expansive the allowance is for our benefitting all beings through our career choice, whatever it is. Just really look to see how expansively we can manifest our benefit for all beings through career and family.

Perfect Conduct of Great Benefit

When it comes to spontaneous perfect conduct, many of us learn that we need to practice virtue, perfect conduct, mercy, compassion—that we need to practice being beneficial human beings. Of course, that is always wonderful and good; however, there is an easier, softer way than constantly trying to accumulate positive data streams. That easier, softer way is simply based on the introduction to open intelligence and then relaxing as that perfect conduct of great benefit. That’s as simple as it gets.

We Are Empowered with Beneficial Potencies

Even though we were all born naturally free and beneficially responsive, we gradually learned to experience a disempowered way of living. So, just as we have learned very gradually to live in a disempowered way, so too through our own direct experience we come to really know profoundly and deeply, totally instinctively and spontaneously that we are empowered. We are empowered with beneficial potencies, and these beneficial potencies flow freely and spontaneously in each moment of life.