One Hundred Percent Commitment

After the introduction to open intelligence, it’s very important to make a one hundred percent commitment to open intelligence, if you really want to gain confidence in it. A one hundred percent commitment is a one hundred percent commitment. It says, “I choose open intelligence rather than data. I choose non-objectifiable and non-objectified open intelligence rather than conceptual descriptions of the world.” It says, “I choose to understand the nature of existence for myself, rather than relying on the multitude of descriptions about the nature of reality.”

Maintaining Open Intelligence

You need to encourage yourself to maintain this one hundred percent commitment to short moments of open intelligence, just like you would encourage a small child to do the right thing. You say to yourself, “I don’t want to live this way. I am one hundred percent committed to open intelligence, and even though I may have the compulsion to harbor these stories, I’m not going to harbor them anymore. Instead, I’m going to use all of my power and energy to maintain open intelligence for short moments.”

Commitment to Open Intelligence

Once you know what open intelligence is, then the second step is to make a commitment to that. It needs to be a 100% commitment; it can’t be going back and forth. It is a commitment that has to be to open intelligence and to its power in our lives rather, than to buying into all the data and stories and the thinking about everything.