Open Intelligence

The more we just let open intelligence be as it is and open up to its expansiveness, the more we find that we’re drawing on an enormous treasure trove of skillful means—an enormous treasure trove way beyond anything we ever imagined possible. This treasure trove of skillful means really allows us to relax into life in a very potent way and also to go beyond or subsume our current ways of being and of doing things.

Our Great Power to Benefit All

Relying on open intelligence brings about our great power to benefit all. It doesn’t come about through any other means. It can’t be created as an external construct that needs to be learned and put into place. It all comes about in the great perfect knowledge that subsumes learning and non-learning both; these two extremes are subsumed in a comprehensive conduct that is of benefit to all.

Candice O’Denver – We Rest Potently and Only as the Power of Great Benefit

Completely pure benefit is the nature of this spontaneously arising benefit at the crucial juncture of open intelligence and data. Human beings are the crucial juncture of open intelligence and data; thus, we rest potently and only as the power of great benefit.

Candice O’Denver – The Power of Role modeling

Through the comprehensive map of education that Balanced View has put together—put together by the Balanced View Team—we come to see ourselves as we actually are rather than as we were told we are. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

And still it took us a long time to memorize all this stuff. It took a very long time to memorize it and hold it all in place. However, it takes a much shorter time to let it be as it is. Why? Because one is aligned with reality and the other isn’t. One is aligned with complete fallacy—in other words the idea that we’re damaged goods—and the other is aligned with reality, reality as it really is.

Since we haven’t really had much training in reality as it really is, we can only check it out within ourselves. It’s just like after being introduced to open intelligence, checking it out, seeing if it works. The first time the introduction to open intelligence takes place, there is a change, and it is a feel-good change. It is a change of immediate benefit, which should be the only aim of any philosophy. That’s my bias: the only aim of any philosophy should offer immediate benefit. So, we’re charged with that immediate benefit. It exists; we no longer suffer from the lack of education in its nature. Then we notice that each time we get into a troublesome or problematic situation, if we rely on open intelligence, when we’ve been introduced to it, we just rest naturally, rest body and mind completely, we notice that there’s more immediate benefit.

It is a change of immediate benefit, which should be the aim, the only aim of any philosophy; that’s my bias. The only aim of any philosophy should offer immediate benefit.

We’re charged with that immediate benefit. It exists; we no longer suffer from a lack of education in its nature, and then we notice that each time we get into a troublesome or problematic situation, if we rely on open intelligence, what we’ve been introduced to, if we just rest naturally, rest body and mind completely, we notice that there is more immediate benefit. The immediate benefit is self-kept. We don’t have to get a bunch of it together and hold onto it forever. It is self-kept. This is simply a matter of acknowledgment of reality. We are acknowledging reality; reality already is what it is. It already is kept, it already is self–kept; it’s just a matter of us acknowledging it and realizing it. It’s very simple. It has to work for each one of us and we have to see its benefits. We have to see its benefits deeply and profoundly in the changes in our lives.

I was speaking a little bit earlier about the importance of intelligence to our speech. We can notice that the changes in our intelligence, in our mind, as it grows to be more beneficial to us, and then we can notice the influence it has on our speech, that there are things that we say that we didn’t say before, ways we speak that we did not speak before, things that we said that we no longer say. This is more very powerful evidence of us as a very special creature, or whatever you want to call us. Our body, we see that our body engages in life in a new way. What does that mean? It means everything. We’re a lot more conscious of what’s going on with our body, and we realize things like that we’ve had aches and pains all our life. That when we go home from work and we say, “I had a backache all day,” that is literally impossible, to have backache all day. If we sat there all day long, every single second saying, “I have a backache,” we’d end up in Napa! That’s a place in California, but there’s a place like it in Colorado, I’m sure.

It’s based on what we find within ourselves that we have access to—qualities and activities that we have never entertained before. We haven’t entertained them because we have just gone along with what has been told to us. We have accepted that we are not okay and that we need to spend our entire life making ourselves okay, that if we have a bad thought we better not indulge it; we better avoid it or replace it with another thought. The same with emotions, sensations, and other experiences—never or almost never are we told to leave everything as it is. To just let it be as it is, that this is actually the fuel of our own beneficial potency, no matter how it has been defined in the past by the Oxford Dictionary or Miriam Webster, whoever it is. That is a very limited range of definition of data. Data is beneficial potency; it is the power of open intelligence. We can only find that it is the power of open intelligence, in other words the power of our own self, by letting it be as it is. Otherwise, we’ll always be crammed down in that little definition in the dictionary. If we let it be as it is, it opens up into a power we didn’t know we had.

Well, I’ve seen that not all people are interested in what a human being really is. However, those people who are interested in what a human being really is are very important people, because they have the power to save the species from extinction. How so? Through role modeling human nature as it actually is. The only way that we became who we think we are with ideas about being damaged goods, original sin, karma, all of these things—the only way that we have accepted that or learned that, accepted it into ourselves is through role modeling, and it is the same with who we actually are. It’s just that at this point in time it is more important than any other point in time for us to acknowledge this, en mass. We must acknowledge it en mass, all of us.

It is so important to our future from an evolutionary aspect, as well as an educational aspect; it is so important to our future, that will happen whether we want it to or not. The ones who are here and on the live stream who are actually acknowledging it are having a good time, that’s great. But regardless, they don’t have to go out and become tooters of the horn for Balanced View, because it is an evolutionary process. It is the first time in the history of the human species that human beings have taken part in their own evolution.

What we’re talking about here is something very powerful indeed. It isn’t some other kind of New Age propaganda or philosophical abstraction. Good heavens, we’ve had those for so many years, as far back as anybody could care to remember or write about. Instead, we have the reality of facing ourselves as we are and facing each other as we are. When we face ourselves as we are, we cannot help but face others as they are. Once we know ourselves as we really are, we know what makes everyone tick. There is no mystery about it anymore.

Candice O’Denver-Education in the Nature of Mind: A Standardized Solution

There is nothing that is needed more at this point in history than a standardized solution to education in the nature of mind. Before the current era, people lived pretty much in isolated culture around the world, and each culture had its own idea of education in the nature of mind. However, society has changed significantly due to transportation, electronic communications and telecommunications uniting all of us together. It is especially through electronic communications that we see the expansion of our mind, that we see we really are imbued with an open intelligence, and if we sit here just for a moment and stop thinking and then just allow that to expand inexhaustibly, that’s what open intelligence is—alert, clear, cognizant. Yet, we are trained to think that our intelligence is within our skin line, that it’s caught in there somehow, that we’re bound to our flesh. This is called biological determinism—the idea of Darwin that human beings are biologically determined. Throughout the course of human history, humans have seen themselves in many different ways. It is at this time in human history that we must see ourselves in a new way and recognize that, although biological determinism may be really a small part of what we are, a small influence in what we are, it is really our open intelligence that is unending and all-pervasive. We have our most comprehensive intelligence in open intelligence, and we as a human community through Balanced View have entered into a global collaboration of people everywhere who want to understand the nature of mind and want to do it through a common terminology so that everyone can talk to each other about the nature of mind, their own sense of it and their own progress in its inexhaustibility, its incredible gifts of beneficial potency that are not available without allowing open intelligence to be as it is. These gifts are spontaneous; they’re not cultivated; they’re naturally present, spontaneously present in open intelligence.

Education in the Nature of Mind a Standardized Solution Part 1:1 (10 min) – 8.04.12 from Balanced View – Candice O’Denver on Vimeo.

Everything we are, most of us learn that we’re damaged somehow or have character defects, or original sin, karma. All these types of ideas, or psychological and psychiatric ideas and these are, oh they are so limiting, and any of us who have tried any of these things have found them limiting. When we rely on open intelligence, we can see the true nature of all these data streams that we’ve been running in our open intelligence. We can really see the true nature of everything that is going on by just letting everything be as it is without trying to indulge it, avoid it, or replace it. Just letting everything be exactly as it is, and it sounds contradictory and paradoxical, but by letting everything just be as it is we open up a vast and comprehensive intelligence that is not available to us in any other way. The more we engage in a fix-it project to try and fix up our data into some kind of perfect data set, the more we feel miserable, so I wouldn’t suggest that. I wouldn’t suggest spending one’s life determining different data sets to build life around, because it never works. However, open intelligence always works; it’s the sure bet and the guarantee for everyone because that is who we are, and that is who we will always be, and who we’ve always been. This is the true identity of what a human is; it is the true meaning of spontaneous or instinctive equalness of all humans, where it’s not a moral command saying “everyone is equal” through some kind of head trip and then trying to pretend like that’s so through setting up different structures and processes. It’s our instinctive recognition that everything is equal that allows us to enter into that true relationship of equalness with everyone on the planet and any other beings or intelligences there may be.

We are intelligence agents of open intelligence, and as intelligent agents our agency is endlessly expansive; it’s completely inexhaustible. It’s very important not to think of open intelligence as a destination; it’s not a destination. What is inexhaustible cannot be a destination because it’s inexhaustible. So that alone is a great relief, there’s no destination to get to. Open intelligence is just continuously pouring out more and more benefit, more and more complete enjoyment of life, more and more connection and familiarity with everyone and everything, more and more willingness and heartfelt desire to be of service to the benefit of all.

If there is a realization of anything as one might call it or might say, the realization is that the realization is the spontaneous desire to be of benefit to all. It isn’t a personal thing like getting your head free or whatever. The starting point is recognizing the nature of your own mind, and then through that we see how much that benefits us as an individual, and it benefits us so greatly as individuals that we naturally want to share it with others. People come up to say well, “What happened to you? What’s going on with you, you look so happy all the time?” Or, “I’ve known you for thirty years and I’ve never seen you upset.”

Open intelligence allows us to enjoy spontaneous existence. Everything is spontaneous existence. We are open intelligence; that is our perspective, that is our body. That is our body; open intelligence is our true body. So this one, well, to focus on this one brings us a new problem every moment from the moment we’re born. From the moment we’re born we have aches and pains every single moment of our life. To focus only on this one is a very small space to live from, like living on the head of a pin. To rely on open intelligence as it is, as our true body, our true mind, the true source of our speech, qualities and activities, this allows us to really open up and burst forth, not only as individuals but as a thriving human society and a society of all intelligences everywhere. By doing so we become interactive with other intelligences we don’t even know about when we’re living from an ordinary state of mind.

Right now there are many missions, as some of you may know, into space. Not only those that are being done by governments but there are many private individuals who are exploring space and giving prizes to scientists who can come up with special vehicles for exploring space; however, we can do all the space exploration we want to do, if we do not have open intelligence there will be a glass ceiling we’re always bumping up against. And this is true in every field of knowledge; we cannot have any significant breakthroughs in knowledge without open intelligence. The things we’ve tried—capitalism, democracy—well we can all have our own take on that whatever it is, but we can see that we’re at a juncture; we’re at a crucial juncture that may even mean either our survival or extinction. It’s very important to stand up together and shout out who we really are.