No Solid Identity

The whole data of comparing yourself to someone else in terms of open intelligence or anything else, that’s also exceedingly painful. So just stop. Just stop. You are yourself. You have your own data; you don’t have someone else’s data. You have your data, whatever they are. They are circumstantially appearing in open intelligence; that’s what you are: the circumstantial appearance of data in open intelligence. There isn’t any solid identity called “you” that is a storehouse for data. There isn’t anything like that. Open intelligence contains all data. There isn’t any individual storehouse or hard drive for data.

Open Intelligence is Our Identity

Very often in the world of reification, the whole idea about partnering and who we’re going to love and how were going to love is so closed down and fixated that, even though we all have this immense love energy, we feel that it’s only appropriate to share it in a certain place. When we realize that open intelligence is our identity, then our sharing is wide open. It’s always wide open and devotional to each and every one, no matter where or what. If we want to marry and have children, or if we already have children, of course we want to see how they can be benefitted by us in a very direct relationship while we’re living together, and we are also aware of what kind of legacy we’re going to leave in the world.