To look to what people think about us and rely on that for our well-being is just totally silly, whether it is the boss or anyone else. The boss can’t make us unhappy and the boss can’t make us happy either. But each job we are in we can make ourselves happy by maintaining open intelligence, by learning more about that and by growing more confident and certain in that. Then, we can also exceed all expectations of ourselves by relying on the power of open intelligence. Then in our job we will have the energy to exceed what is expected of us.

Downfall of Data

When viewpoints predominate, one’s native identity is hidden from view. There is no understanding of the profound insight, perfect mental and emotional stability, compassion and skillful activities that are at one’s disposal for the benefit of all. There is no recognition that all phenomena or viewpoints are equal. And, there is confinement within the frames of reference of past, present and future.

Open Intelligence – The Source of All Experience

Say, you had an incredible talent for baking bread, but you had never baked bread in your life. You wouldn’t know that you had that talent, but once you started to bake bread, you would get more and more familiar with your talent. Open intelligence is similar in that once it’s identified as the source of experience, then by short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, there’s more and more open intelligence that is noticed in one’s daily experience. It’s the source of that experience. It’s seen that open intelligence is really the mainstay, ground and absolute nature. Open intelligence is not only the absolute human nature, but is also the absolute nature of everything.

What is Open Intelligence?

Anyone who wants to can start right now. If you don’t know what open intelligence is, you don’t need to. Forget about knowing what it is, if you just can’t get a handle on it. When a troublesome thought comes up, just don’t think about it. Just let it be as it is. That’s what open intelligence is. Open intelligence lets everything be as it is, just like nature lets everything be as it is.

Sun of Open Intelligence

Just allow yourself to be that great light, that great sun of open intelligence that isn’t a thing, that knows everything, that shines through everything, that outshines everything, wherein everything, no matter what it is, has no importance in a specified way.

The Power of Open Intelligence

If you want open intelligence to be stable right now for you and it isn’t, that’s just the way it is for you. Thinking about that can become an afflictive state too: “Oh, I want it to be stable; it isn’t stable right now. Look at so and so, it’s stable in them, and it’s not stable in me. What’s wrong?” Well, this is just another story to pierce with the power of open intelligence. Pierce it with the power of open intelligence; don’t allow it to go on and on. Rely on your own inner clarity to see through these stories that bring so much pain. This is very important. There is nothing better you can do for yourself.

The Most Important Choice

It really is a choice. It’s definitely a choice, so make no mistake about that. You can choose open intelligence or not. To rest or not to rest, that is the question! It really is. The more you take advantage of short moments of open intelligence, the more open intelligence there is. It’s just as simple as that. Then even though these afflictive states return for a while, over time they diminish.

Maintaining Open Intelligence

You need to encourage yourself to maintain this one hundred percent commitment to short moments of open intelligence, just like you would encourage a small child to do the right thing. You say to yourself, “I don’t want to live this way. I am one hundred percent committed to open intelligence, and even though I may have the compulsion to harbor these stories, I’m not going to harbor them anymore. Instead, I’m going to use all of my power and energy to maintain open intelligence for short moments.”

Complete Freedom in Immediacy of Perception

The more you are involved in the story—in the data streams—the more there is the perception of suffering, but that’s not what we are really talking about. What we are really talking about is the efficacy of short moments many times. Now, what is initially a distraction or an enormous story about whatever it is—your personal history, someone else’s personal history, or the nature of the universe—by the power of short moments many times, you attain mastery over the story. Initially the story is very compelling, but eventually there is complete freedom in relation to the story. It doesn’t matter if the story is there or not. You can have endless stories about the nature of the universe, endless stories about the nature of yourself, but there’s freedom in the immediacy of the perception of all of those.

Key Points and Pivotal Instructions

In Balanced View we offer a wealth of instruction, very key points and pivotal instructions on exactly how to maintain open intelligence. What I have seen over and over again is that every single person who does receive clear instruction, understands exactly how to rest, and then it is easy.