Maintaining Open Intelligence

You need to encourage yourself to maintain this one hundred percent commitment to short moments of open intelligence, just like you would encourage a small child to do the right thing. You say to yourself, “I don’t want to live this way. I am one hundred percent committed to open intelligence, and even though I may have the compulsion to harbor these stories, I’m not going to harbor them anymore. Instead, I’m going to use all of my power and energy to maintain open intelligence for short moments.”

Complete Freedom in Immediacy of Perception

The more you are involved in the story—in the data streams—the more there is the perception of suffering, but that’s not what we are really talking about. What we are really talking about is the efficacy of short moments many times. Now, what is initially a distraction or an enormous story about whatever it is—your personal history, someone else’s personal history, or the nature of the universe—by the power of short moments many times, you attain mastery over the story. Initially the story is very compelling, but eventually there is complete freedom in relation to the story. It doesn’t matter if the story is there or not. You can have endless stories about the nature of the universe, endless stories about the nature of yourself, but there’s freedom in the immediacy of the perception of all of those.

Key Points and Pivotal Instructions

In Balanced View we offer a wealth of instruction, very key points and pivotal instructions on exactly how to maintain open intelligence. What I have seen over and over again is that every single person who does receive clear instruction, understands exactly how to rest, and then it is easy.

The Ground of Human Nature

What we are saying here is that the ground of human nature and all of nature and the fundamental condition of existence is open intelligence itself. The skillful means for bringing that about in one’s own experience is to maintain open intelligence for short moments repeated many times until it becomes automatic.

Commitment to Open Intelligence

Once you know what open intelligence is, then the second step is to make a commitment to that. It needs to be a 100% commitment; it can’t be going back and forth. It is a commitment that has to be to open intelligence and to its power in our lives rather, than to buying into all the data and stories and the thinking about everything.

Gaining Confidence in Open Intelligence

In gaining confidence in open intelligence, what we do is gain confidence in this state of natural perfection that is the source of every thought. When we gain confidence in that state of natural perfection that is the source of every thought, we ground ourselves in lucidity and clarity. We ground ourselves in a lucidity and clarity of body, speech and mind that we can never have just by thinking of things or by trying to cultivate good thoughts.

Knowing Who We Really Are

By identifying opening intelligence, you recognize yourself, your true self. That is the first key point: instinctively recognize opening intelligence. Without that there can be no one hundred percent commitment, and without that there can be no assurance. With the introduction comes the power of knowing who we really are. It is the power of knowing who we really are. We have no more question about who we are; we know who we are. This has to be the first key point. After that, regardless of the many data that seem to appear, they’re simply the dynamic energy of opening intelligence—that’s it, inseparably so. The dynamic energy of opening intelligence.

Get to Know Open Intelligence

When you stop thinking, identify the alert, clear state that is naturally present when you stop thinking. Just that clear state—alert, cognizant, aware, clear, always present, regardless of the data streams. The data streams in fact are the dynamic energy of opening intelligence, so there’s nothing to do. Identify it, directly and fiercely. Get to know it; it is your very self. When you get to know it, you get to know your very self. Be direct and fierce, don’t hold back, don’t be timid, go right ahead, full force. Repeat not thinking again and again until the alert clear state is obvious to you immediately upon stopping thinking.

Introduction to Open Intelligence

This first burst, the introduction to opening intelligence, is really something quite marvelous. Then again this too occurs for different people in different ways. For some people it is absolutely marvelous; a great relief is felt at once, and for others it’s, “Well what’s the big deal anyway?” and it may take more experience, more decisive experience of opening intelligence to really comprehend its tremendous impact on one’s life. Because its tremendous impact on one’s life, is inexplicable; that means it can’t be explained, it just can’t be explained. It is so amazing and so full of life and so full of richness that it cannot possibly be explained. There are no words to gather up to explain it. It is most simply referred to as a decisive experience, an instinctive realization, something we just know, we know. We just know. We don’t really need a lot of words to explain it; we just know.

Commitment to Open Intelligence

Preserve shifting data as only of opening intelligence, only of, in, as and through opening intelligence, that’s it. Decide on this key point. To decide on opening intelligence with one hundred percent commitment is the second key point. This is a place where many people falter. “Do I really want to make a one hundred percent commitment to this?” However, by doing something as simple as making a list of the benefits brought to you by opening intelligence, by the practice of opening intelligence, making a list of the benefits brought, that will be convincing. Everything in the Balanced View is easy; there are a lot of helpful hints from those who have gone before.