Opening Intelligence Pervades All Data

Whichever datum shines forth, it is this food, this very tasty food, the very tasty food for sheer opening intelligence potency. It’s the nutritional quality, you see. Freely going everywhere equally and evenly, opening intelligence pervades all data like a perfect crystal ball pervades its reflections. That’s very easy to understand; that’s an excellent metaphor, because we can see how all data, all images, recede into a crystal ball. A crystal ball remains stainless, flawless, complete. Nothing need be done about the images.

Liveliness of Opening Intelligence

However datum is labeled, whatever its name, it is the liveliness of commanding opening intelligence. Transparent and traceless, it is pure of anything of a different kind. All of this, all of this we see—pure light, multicolored hues of basic pure light, pure clear light, the light beyond light, the light that burns off all traces of anything that could be considered of no value. The absolute truth value of everything. That is the nature of opening intelligence. A major key point is that opening intelligence has always been shining forth; it just was not recognized.

Beneficial Potency

As the reality of open intelligence’s beneficial potencies come clear, we have inestimable capability and activity. It may at first seem daunting that we have so much power, that we have so much capability and ability, yet the fact that it is only carried out in the moment brings it to the reality of the here-and-now. It doesn’t make it seem so huge. We have capability and ability, beneficial potency in the moment. This is demonstrated by our own discernment, insight, clarity and other skillful means in every moment. 

Perfect Conduct of Great Benefit

When it comes to spontaneous perfect conduct, many of us learn that we need to practice virtue, perfect conduct, mercy, compassion—that we need to practice being beneficial human beings. Of course, that is always wonderful and good; however, there is an easier, softer way than constantly trying to accumulate positive data streams. That easier, softer way is simply based on the introduction to open intelligence and then relaxing as that perfect conduct of great benefit. That’s as simple as it gets.

We Are Empowered

Even though we were all born naturally free and beneficially responsive, we gradually learned to experience a disempowered way of living. So, just as we have learned very gradually to live in a disempowered way, so too through our own direct experience we come to really know profoundly and deeply, totally instinctively and spontaneously that we are empowered. We are empowered with beneficial potencies, and these beneficial potencies flow freely and spontaneously in each moment of life.

We Are Empowered with Beneficial Potencies

Even though we were all born naturally free and beneficially responsive, we gradually learned to experience a disempowered way of living. So, just as we have learned very gradually to live in a disempowered way, so too through our own direct experience we come to really know profoundly and deeply, totally instinctively and spontaneously that we are empowered. We are empowered with beneficial potencies, and these beneficial potencies flow freely and spontaneously in each moment of life.

Like the Sky and the Color Blue

If we stop for a moment without any thoughts: here it is—right here. Not difficult to identify, just unused, that’s all. Open intelligence and the data it runs, in other words all the thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences, all the data it runs are inseparable, because they have no nature independent from open intelligence.

The more we allow data to be as they are, the more we realize that open intelligence and data are inseparable, like the sky and the color blue—completely inseparable. The more we allow the data to be as it is, just allowing the data to be as it is, exactly as it is, with no need to do anything about it, the more we see that all of these things that have been so troublesome and problematic are resolved, they’re outshone, just like the noonday sun outshines all the planets and stars that are so evident at night.

Luminous Clarity

Rest the mind and body naturally, without pushing away data, without seeking anything. This is all that is required, whether activity is strenuous, relaxed or in-between. What remains is luminous clarity and alertness that is open like a clear sky. This is what open intelligence is!

Candice O’Denver | Opening Intelligence

In the introduction to open intelligence, less and less do we feel like we’re compacted inside a skin line, like a trash compactor takes all that trash and compacts it into a lump. By the power of open intelligence, less and less do we feel like a trash compactor, where we’ve compacted all these ideas that have been presented to us about what life is. In that we’re these little flesh units with our own little operating system called a brain—that is not true! We are always and forever fueled by open intelligence, by the vast expanse of open intelligence. Our primary identity is open intelligence; it’s not the wiggly-woggly body stuff, no matter what kind of nonsense has been pounded into us.

Open intelligence is primary, and by challenging ourselves in that way to really know open intelligence as primary, we’re able to do anything we want to do. Whatever we do is of benefit to all. We’re not in the trash compactor anymore. I don’t have a trash compactor, but I’ve seen them in the past, and it has seemed like a good metaphor/simile for the way that we train ourselves. We are not victims to what we have learned from society; we are not victims. We give up our right to be a victim. We give up our right to be a victim of this hounding training presented to us. If we watch TV or very much media at all, including the Internet, this hounding activity is one of excessive negativity. Excessive negativity. When we take responsibility for our own open intelligence, we see that we have complete responsibility; nothing can make us feel negative. We choose whether or not we feel negative. Period.

For many people coming up against that excessive negativity that is so obvious in many places, like the cable news channels and sites on the Internet and just the very low level of humanness exhibited on many sites on the Internet that are joined by hundreds of millions of people, the very low level of humanness compared to what we can actually be, it’s really important to step up, speak out, stand out and say, “You can think you are whoever you think you are, but that’s not who I think I am.” We as human beings hold the knowledge of the entire universe within our intelligence in a usable way. That is a very powerful being—who holds the knowledge of the entire universe in a usable way. There is no other critter like that.

Accessing that knowledge is another thing entirely. If we stay in the trash compactor, then we can’t access a lot of that knowledge that’s available to us. But if we challenge ourselves to be as we are, then we access the knowledge that is available to us.

Just by the acknowledgement of open intelligence, we reinforce the entire species; we reinforce our ability to heal all the problems that we’ve caused on our planet, in our beautiful habitat. It gives us the ability to really find the solution to those problems, rather than to keep bumping our heads up against a glass ceiling, trying to find solutions but never really finding them, while in the meantime the planet and entire species hurls towards extinction. It’s up to us who have created the problem to solve the problem, and we have the ability to solve the problem in open intelligence that gives us access to our most comprehensive intelligence. Open intelligence alone gives us access to the most comprehensive intelligence, whereby we can solve problems that have never been solved before. This is what the term “open-ended knowledge creation” means. This is what the term “open-ended benefit creation” means. It’s our very own open intelligence and the acknowledgement and decisive experience of that, obvious at all times. Whether or not it is obvious at all times is entirely up to each one of us. Period. Exclamation point.

Introduction to open intelligence, which everyone here already has, a hundred percent commitment. How many here have a one hundred percent commitment to open intelligence? Okay, great. With those two: introduction and one hundred percent commitment, assurance comes—assurance of open intelligence, assurance of the Four Mainstays lifestyle. Assurance is like cutting off a finger. When you cut off a finger, it’s gone forever; that’s it, a direct slice. That’s what assurance of open intelligence is too—a direct slice with reified thinking.

Reification is mentioned in the text today. Reification simply means giving each datum or any set of data an independent nature, thinking that they have power, influence, a nature of their own that is separate or apart from open intelligence. That is what reification means. As we absolve ourselves of reification through our own acknowledgement of what we really are—exalted open intelligence rather than all these parties of data we’ve entertaining—we find ourselves more and more at ease, not only with ourselves, but with everyone around us. Open intelligence is where it’s at!

The great support for open intelligence where it’s at exists in the algorithm of the Four Mainstays, which are: the short moments of open intelligence; the trainer, who is someone in whom open intelligence is obvious at all times; the training, which is written from the perspective of open intelligence, in other words the training isn’t written from the perspective of an individual trying to exalt or glorify themselves, make themselves prestigious or better known. The text is written for the benefit of all, strictly for the benefit of all.

The text comes forward for the benefit of all. Then there is the worldwide community—all the practitioners who live on all continents in almost all countries who today are practicing the Four Mainstays lifestyle. We all support each other in this way.

Often, if you’re a newcomer, or sometimes even if you’ve been around a while, it’s a wonderful to know that there are so many other people who are practitioners of open intelligence. As you hang around a little longer, you’ll hear the stories of some of the people, or if you listen to the videos and audios on the website. You hear the actual stories of people, and then it’s a lot easier to relate to letting everything be as it is, rather than getting into that data, mixing it up and trying to make a reality out of it when it’s just a total fantasy world. You can do it if you want to, but if you talk to me about it, I’m not going to help you. I see there are people here today who are have many different kinds of lifestyles, from being single to being partnered with one or more people. What we find in open intelligence and in living a Four Mainstays lifestyle is that the love and appreciation for whatever kind of lifestyle we have grows, and we see how to be with that lifestyle in new ways, so that we can allow everything to be as it is and to love more—to love more, to love more than we ever thought possible.