Enormous Potency

Stable open intelligence is clarity that is unlimited and unrestricted. It is the open state of mind that brings help, peace and prosperity to the world and its inhabitants. Since nothing can be substantiated as independently existent within this intelligence, it is a pure space that is entirely positive. Indivisible, unobstructed and lucid, it is an open expanse that cannot be fettered in any way. To identify this is to find the enormous potency of it within yourself.

Each of Us Is so Extraordinary!

Each of us as an individual is so extraordinary, but without confirmation of that extraordinariness by other human beings it is doubtful that we will recognize our full beneficial potency. This can be likened to having a treasure map but not finding the treasure, because there is no one there to tell us what it looks like. We might have a treasure map that we know leads to some kind of incredible treasure of wealth and fortune, but unless we know what the treasure looks like, then we’ll never find the treasure. Even with the map we’ll walk right by it, because we don’t know what the treasure looks like.

We Are Empowered with Beneficial Potencies

Even though we were all born naturally free and beneficially responsive, we gradually learned to experience a disempowered way of living. So, just as we have learned very gradually to live in a disempowered way, so too through our own direct experience we come to really know profoundly and deeply, totally instinctively and spontaneously that we are empowered. We are empowered with beneficial potencies, and these beneficial potencies flow freely and spontaneously in each moment of life.

Empowered Beneficial Potency is Key

Each of us innately has incredible beneficial potency, and each datum, no matter what it is, is fueled by open intelligence and its beneficial potencies. No matter how the​ datum is described, it is fueled and fired up by open intelligence; it would not be without open intelligence. It is a dynamic expression of the beneficial potency of open intelligence. However, unless this is empowered, we don’t know that it is present. So, empowered beneficial potency is key.