Open Intelligence – The Source of All Experience

Say, you had an incredible talent for baking bread, but you had never baked bread in your life. You wouldn’t know that you had that talent, but once you started to bake bread, you would get more and more familiar with your talent. Open intelligence is similar in that once it’s identified as the source of experience, then by short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, there’s more and more open intelligence that is noticed in one’s daily experience. It’s the source of that experience. It’s seen that open intelligence is really the mainstay, ground and absolute nature. Open intelligence is not only the absolute human nature, but is also the absolute nature of everything.

The Ground of Human Nature

What we are saying here is that the ground of human nature and all of nature and the fundamental condition of existence is open intelligence itself. The skillful means for bringing that about in one’s own experience is to maintain open intelligence for short moments repeated many times until it becomes automatic.

Thoughts Vanish Naturally

In open intelligence there is incredible power. First of all we notice that when we gain confidence in open intelligence by maintaining open intelligence for short moments repeated many times, we find that we are not as affected by our thinking anymore. We find that our thoughts vanish naturally like a line drawn in water, or like the flight path of a bird in the sky. There isn’t anything we need to do about the thinking; it is spontaneous and free in its own place. It resolves itself. It is spontaneously self-releasing with nothing needing to be done about it.

Short Moments

When anger or any other data stream comes up, then it’s really important to just let that be as it is. That’s really what a short moment is. So we gradually—or sometimes quickly or in quantum leaps—become very familiar with the new comprehensive intelligence at our disposal. This is an intelligence that is very much needed in today’s world.

The simplicity of Short Moments

All of us, no matter who we are, can count on the obviousness of open intelligence increasing inexhaustibly. There’s no destination to get to, which is another huge relief. Short moments are so simple—no need to make anything out of that. It’s just giving ourselves a break in the moment, going to the short moments until there’s no need to go to the short moments any longer, until always-on open intelligence is obvious at all times.