Release of the Here-and-Now

In my own case, I realized from the time I was very young that there would come a point where I would be involved in something like Balanced View. I had no idea when that time would come, and that was fine with me, because I would just say to myself, “Well, I’ll know when the time has come. I will just know and leave it at that. Why bother with any kind of worry or other concern?” I could see that life proceeds without any effort and without anything needing to be done. I could see that there’s nothing that needs to be done for the spontaneous self-release of the here-and-now; it’s guaranteed. All that is indivisibly present all along is the immediate benefit of open intelligence’s primordial purity. That is all that is present all along with each spontaneous release of the here-and-now.

Spontaneous Self-release

Anything we might think about, in the instant that we think about it, it is simultaneously outshone. It cannot be kept in place; it’s free in its own place—free in immediate perception, spontaneously self-releasing. Each here-and-now is spontaneously self-releasing with no effort required. Another way of saying this is that open intelligence’s dynamic expression called data is always spontaneously self-releasing with no effort required. The short moments are a salute and acknowledgement of the actual condition.