The Power of Open Intelligence

If you want open intelligence to be stable right now for you and it isn’t, that’s just the way it is for you. Thinking about that can become an afflictive state too: “Oh, I want it to be stable; it isn’t stable right now. Look at so and so, it’s stable in them, and it’s not stable in me. What’s wrong?” Well, this is just another story to pierce with the power of open intelligence. Pierce it with the power of open intelligence; don’t allow it to go on and on. Rely on your own inner clarity to see through these stories that bring so much pain. This is very important. There is nothing better you can do for yourself.

The Four Mainstays

We see the living of life according to the Four Mainstays, a lifestyle that has never been presented to human beings as an offering before, a lifestyle in which there is a simple practice for maintaining mental and emotional stability at all times, where there is a trainer to go to twenty four hours a day for support, where there is a written training. In fact, there are endless written trainings, they just keep pouring out of the computer. All of these support the instinctive recognition of opening intelligence at all times. There is a worldwide community of people who are living life exactly the same way, who understand you completely, because they are living life in the same way that you’re living life. They know that you are responsible for your data, and you know that they’re responsible for their data; there’s no question about it, and that it is up to each one of us to live in accord with each other, in perfect accord, in perfect harmony. It is up to each one of us.