What’s Looking

When we look out through our eyes, what is it exactly that is looking? If one looks for what is looking, the conclusion is not quite as definitive as psychology textbooks might tell us. What’s looking is always looking. It’s impossible that it not be looking. When this looking is looked for, nothing is found. If we look within ourselves for what’s looking, we can’t really say where looking is located.   Our looking is in fact the looking of everything; it isn’t the looking of an isolated individual. If we only know ourselves as an individual identity, then we might say, “Oh yes; my individual identity is located here in me. This is who I am. It is I who is looking out at the world.” However, there is in fact no individual. Our identity is not fixed by the consolidation of factors of our personal history—our memory, people, places and things we’ve known or actions we’ve taken in life. If we relax and let the looking be as it is, the whole idea about the looking being from within the skin line of an individual person dissolves. If we look for what’s looking, we actually don’t find anything specific or substantial. What we do find is purity, natural perfection and a vital emptiness that can’t be located anywhere within our skin line. Looking out from all phenomena is the same looking. A name for this looking is open intelligence; it is open intelligence that is looking. We can never isolate an identity other than our  identity as open intelligence. We live in a world of images, but more importantly, we live as the looking that lives within every single one of those images. There isn’t any looking  separate from any image that appears; the looking is within the image, and the image occurs in, of, as, and through the looking. This is very important for us to understand.